Broughton Commercial Properties Industrial Park

We have installed the majority of the HVAC units in the BCP Industrial Park Complexes. From full unit installs to hanging heaters, maintenance & repairs, we have worked with George Broughton and the renters throughout the three complexes since he began building them in the early 2000’s.!


Washington County Courthouse

The system at the Washington County Courthouse consists of 65 heat pumps from the first floor to the fourth floor. They perform heating and cooling through a Baltimore air coil heat exchanger that is in the mechanical room on the ground floor and a Baltimore air coil cooling tower that is on the roof. A low-pressure steam boiler generates the heat for the winter and the cooling tower on the roof keeps the water chilled for summer. Water is pumped through all four floors of the courthouse and flows through each heat pump on each floor. All the controls are controlled by a Circon computerized HVAC system with computerized setbacks, adjustment controls and temperature readings. It is very convenient to have all of the readings in one central location.
We have maintained this system for a few decades, plus an array of other pieces of HVAC equipment.